Volunteers for the Blind


volunteers for the blind 2If one is in need of an escort for a blind person or needs to be connected to the right resource Person working for the cause of the Blind- Volunteers for the Blind is a unique organisation working for the cause of the Blind.

The organisation operates through a network of Volunteers– who work in teams assigned to a particular project they opt for . All services rendered for NGO’s and visually challenged individuals is free .

The organisation is comprised of over 40 percent Blind members with their Board of Directors also having a majority of Blind persons

While the organisation is Delhi based –their network of support is offered on a national basis through local volunteers members resource persons and NGO’s

Says Col P Kapoor, the organisation’s founder :- with 20 million blind persons in India, the numbers are huge & we will always need more volunteers and resource Persons .

Volunteers are chosen with care, given orientation and familiarisation training and then assigned to work in teams on a project.

The organisation has Members & Volunteers. These are spread out all over the country