The Joy of Sustainable Giving


By Aaryan Sharma

We celebrate this festive season by showcasing Designiks Empowers, an initiative by Pooja Kapur & Nikhita Kapur that works to generate sustainable support for remarkable NGOs working for the cause of inclusion.

Beautiful garlands put together by the Blind at NAB Mumbai, stunning block printing done by young adults with Downs syndrome at Om Creations, embellishments added that not only beautify products but also add to the therapeutic role that art plays for the differently abled.

Designiks Empowers is about recognising the beauty of the work NGO’s for the differently abled can do when we trust them to be self-sufficient and provide them with an opportunity – it is about economic empowerment.

Empowerment is about trust. Designiks as a brand has set a very high standard with their beautiful lehengas and ethnic dresses. Designiks Empowers creates products in partnership with different NGO’s. By adopting these products under their brand, Designiks highlights the ability of the NGOs to maintain the high quality standards of the label.

Designiks gets many of its products made by these NGOs. They get visiting cards, labels, gift cards and bags from NAB, Om Creations and Foot & Mouth Painting Artists. Designiks also gets beautiful block printed silk gift bags and fabric from Om Creations and products made by Advitya & Mann. Since its inception, Designiks Empowers has been partnering with NGOs to create new pathways for revenue generation.

In addition to getting their own products made from NGOs, Designiks Empowers has been creating awareness about the amazing  work that these NGOs do through onsite visits and by showcasing special products made by the NGOs.

Designiks Empowers is an inspiring example for how organisations can work to partner with NGOs and further the cause of inclusion.

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