Tanya Balsara


Her striking looks, poise and disarming smile –it takes a while before one even realises that Tanya Balsara is blind. She is super confident, soft spoken and professional to the hilt.

Catch Tanya working out and enjoying her cardio session in the Gym –the treadmill and bike being her favourite. 


Although she comes from a well to do background, and has always maintained that her family, her friends have played a key role in supporting her -that doesn’t take away from the fact that Tanya is amazingly hardworking, strong spirited and chose to pave her own independent path in life.

Having been brought up without being made to feel as though she was disadvantaged or different–helped Tanya lead a fairly normal life during her schooling and college years.

Tanya then completed a basic course in MS office and the Internet from the Indian Association for the Visually Handicapped. This was the turning point in her life when she realised the importance of basic computer literacy in the life of the visually challenged.

For the past nine years ,Tanya has run her own Computer Center for the visually handicapped –where she has herself been a trainer too in Computer basics.

Tanya has recently launched her brand new centre in her Malcolm Baug premises starting with the basic course in Computers and will then further introduce other courses. Here, she will continue to empower underprivileged blind students with her computer courses.

Tanya firmly believe in the adage “Disabilities create barriers but determination breaks them”. The disabled don’t do different things; they do the same things but a little differently!