Sehdev: This Able Gardener Has No Hands


Forget’ green’ fingers –you would think one at least need fingers to be a good gardener

Sehdev has no forearms and yet has been successfully employed as a ‘gardener’ and caretaker at the Khushboo Welfare Society, Gurgaon for several years. With no assistance required from anyone, he plants samplings, waters the plants, plucks weeds, trims the lawns using a lawn mower.

Whenever one visits KWS ,they are usually greeted by an active energetic Sehdev who effortlessly opens the gate and guides visitors into KWS

He loves his job and is grateful for the opportunity he has been given by Khushboo Welfare Society despite his apparent disability -to do something he is passionate about and is infact really good at .

Despite no hands –he is a confident ,empowered , earning and productive member of our society