Sage Publications India


Sage Publications India, has hired able Deaf young adults as proof readers, introducing us to yet another avenue and industry where opportunities can be explored for those who have the required skills despite being differently abled.

Vivek Mehra, MD & CEO, SAGE India has been a supporter of organisations like the Noida Deaf Society to help encourage and empower able Deaf students. He has been kind enough to allow us to share the story of two hearing impaired employees at Sage India to encourage more Publication companies to take a step towards Inclusion.

Ankita Kalyani


sage publications Ankita


Ankita is a proofreader; she works on the Reference list. Her job is to proof read character-to-character of the proofs against the pre-published manuscript and to ensure that the proofs match with the manuscript. She delivers quality and quantity as per SAGE’s standards.

She is being trained to prepare the manuscript before sending it to the typesetter. This requires copy marking the manuscript PDF’s as per the book style. Ankita is also being trained on taking on the QC role. Ankita has shown exceptional commitment and growth in her work. Her work quality and productivity is as good and even better than the freelance proofreaders working with us for almost 5 years.

Ankita has completed her high school and then underwent vocational training at Noida Deaf Society. She is confident and is able to express herself without any difficulty. She mingles well with her colleagues and has developed a good working relationship with them.

Vaibhav Bansal


sage -viabhav bansal


Vaibhav is a proofreader;. He delivers quality and quantity as per SAGE’s standards.

He is also involved in revise checks where he has to ensure that all corrections from the proofreading and QC stages have been incorporated by the typesetter and queries have been answered.

Vaibhav loves challenges and wants to work on new things. He has been recently assigned back-end tasks on securing permissions.

Vaibhav has completed his high school and has also done a certificate course in Computer, Hardware & Networking A+ . He underwent vocational training at Noida Deaf Society. His work speed and accuracy is good. He learns quickly and performs tasks with exceptional accuracy. He is polite and cooperative and communicates well with colleagues. Vaibhav is confident and ambitious.