The Amazing Teachers & Staff of S.P.J. Sadhana School


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S.P.J. Sadhana School is one of India’s most reputed schools for children with Special needs and stands out greatly because of its pioneering efforts through a five year vocational training programme that trains mentally challenged students in various departments based on their skill set and special ability. The course aims to equip students to be launched into a self-reliant and productive life. The course covers training in art and design, tailoring and stitch-craft. Other trainings include Catering and Hospitality, office skills and General Vocational Skills. The efforts of the SPJ Sadhana School have not been focussed around educational training of developmentally challenged children alone.

Two Non-profit organisations: Om Creations Trust and Shraddha Trust further upskill and employ students from the SPJ Sadhana School. They make beautiful gift bags, hand-painted and block-printed products such as scarves, clay and porcelain gift items that have become very popular. Their hand-crafted chocolates and other food items, which are made in professional and highly sanitised conditions, are also extremely popular.           Thus, these young adults who have completed the five-year polytechnic training .with SPJ Sadhana School have found a safe and happy place in Om Creations and Shraddha to spend time, work, be productive, creative and earn a salary.