Ria Sharma wins Prestigious UN Award

Opening of the rehabilitation centre (Picture from: www.pri.org)

Opening of the rehabilitation centre (Picture from: www.pri.org)


By Aaryan Sharma

It is with  great pride that we share that Ria Sharma, a young crusader for the cause of acid attack victims in India, received a global recognition award from the United Nations this month. Ria was featured on India Inclusive as a young Pathbreaker in 2015, when her NGO, Make Love not Scars, was helping BreaveHeart survivors step out from behind closed doors and covered faces, into the open and celebrating their spirit to survive against all odds.

On 19th September 2017, Ria Sharma, who has been a champion for acid attack victims for 5 years, won the Leadership Award at the 2017 UN Goalkeepers Global Goal Awards. This award is given to people who have made great contributions to sustainable development in their respective nations. Ria won this award at the inaugural Goalkeepers event, which was given to her in recognition of her work as the founder of Make Love not Scars.

Ria has worked tirelessly to help rehabilitate survivors of acid attacks. She has helped raise funds, spread awareness and her NGO, Make Love Not Scars, opened a rehabilitation centre for acid attack victims in March 2016. The UN Goalkeepers’ award will undoubtedly raise awareness for the cause of helping acid attack victims.

Read more about her at this link: http://india-inc.info/portfolio/ria-sharma/