Rex Karmaveer: Champions of Change



The Rex Karmaveer Puraskar & the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship , is a unique initiative by iCONGO (International Confederation of NGO’s) to recognize and award the achievements & efforts of Individuals who want to make a difference in our society.

As the founder of ICONGO Jeroninio Almeida puts it, “Being the change one wishes to see.”It brings into the spotlight People who have the courage and conviction to think differently and who have been making an impact through their hard work and progressive ideas.

The award prides itself on being authentic with high moral standards and treats every one as an equal, with only one’s work speaking for itself- there is no lobbying or preferential treatment.

The award therefore has brought together on the same platform famous amazing individuals like Syed Sallauddin Pasha ,the founder and artistic director of Ability Unlimited foundation ( who has helped create over a hundred dance theatre productions with talented differently abled ) ,Shanthi Rhaghavan ,the founder of Enable India to many first time awardees  who find a  powerful platform and a voice to express themselves.

Many differently abled who have braved all odds and realised their dreams, many others who have been working for the cause of the differently abled, have  won recognition for their efforts via ICONGO though these awards.