Mann-Made and Beautiful



Lead, Kindly Light!


This beautiful tea light holder, is a Mann-made product, one of the creations of this amazing centre in Mumbai, Mann, dedicated to training children & young adults with Intellectual Disabilities, Autism, Down’s Syndrome and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder to help them lead a more meaningful and independent life.

75% of the 90+ students at Mann are from lower socio economic backgrounds, and the training provided is free of charge.

Mann’s Employment Cell works with innovative, dedicated and skilled special individuals to create beautiful products for sale and also conducts other kinds vocational training like typing, packaging and so on. The goal of the employment program at Mann is to have each student earn a stipend and create employment opportunity to suit their interest and skill.


Some of Mann's creations

Most of the products are made using recycled materials that have been redesigned and re-purposed so that each item is unique and environmentally friendly. 70% of the proceeds of the sales are given to the students as their monthly stipend. Hence, these sales are always helping the students to earn a living and to become contributing members of society.

One can support the Cause of Mann by ordering Mann- made products ,by donating towards creative aids,learning equipment, donating shelves,cupboards,racks & treadmills, computers, sponsoring outdoor visits ,sponsoring a child or donating funds for their New centre or by sponsoring a child.

To know more do visit http://mann.org.in/products/