Karn, The Maestro


When he plays the Piano … he directly strikes a chord in one’s heart!



Meet Karn Vij, … who at 3 months of age was diagnosed with a very rare condition called Balint’s syndrome. Doctors had then predicted that Karn would lead a vegetable existence.

However, Karn from childhood has accomplished things that many would have thought impossible. While the fingers of his hands were still curled, he learnt to play the casio at 3 years of age and the piano by 8 years. His own positive spirit, and the relentless efforts of his parents and younger sister, helped him overcome several challenges and achieve milestones that baffled doctors from all over.

Karn today, a very charming 23 year old, stands tall having completed two 2 year diplomas in Music Performance and a 1 year diploma in Sound Production from the reputed Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music (SAM) in Chennai (http://sam.org.in/). Karn, then the only student with special needs at the Academy, was selected after acclaimed guitarist and music composer Prasanna, the Dean of the Academy, heard him play.


Due to Balint’s syndrome, Karn has a limited field of vision, thus he cannot process depth of vision, or read font sizes smaller than 16. He plays most of his music by ear and not by reading musical notes. Despite the visual impairment and partial motor challenges, Karn, after finishing his schooling, lived independently away from home for 5 years, deep in the outskirts of Chennai studying music at the Swarnabhoomi Academy.


Today, he not only plays the piano like a dream but also composes music and sings.


Apart from his family, Karn was supported by the individual education program at the Canadian School, his later special educator Ms. Manjit Kochar (her NGO is Winds of Change), Trio International School, Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music and the NGO Enable India, where Karn is undergoing a computer and life skills training program. All have played a pivotal role in supporting and nurturing Karn’s potential to be a musician and live his dream against all odds.


INDIA INClusive is proud to showcase Karn as a gifted musician who can play, compose, and, enjoys teaching music. If you want to know more or connect with Karn please write in to us at www.connect.creatively@gmail.com