The ABC of Indian Sign Language


I know sign language ! What’s your superpower?

This is the cool catchphrase written behind the uniform shirts of  the employees of Mirchi & Mime restaurant in Mumbai, that hires the Deaf. ISL Alphabet Chart

Learning sign language is no easy feat and one can only marvel in awe as one watches the deaf and mute communicate seamlessly with one another in sign language.

We can all play our part in building a rapport and  bridging the communication gap with the Deaf by learning a few phrases and alphabets in Sign Language.

Aaryan Sharma who is learning the Indian Sign Language to play a more proactive role in making India more inclusive shares some simple phrases that one can use at restaurants that hire the deaf and teaches us to introduce our selves to the deaf by spelling our name.

The world of the deaf is a silent one – but it need not be an excluded one. 


Videos by Sumer Sharma for India INClusive