“I Know Sign Language……What’s Your Superpower?”




Mirchi & Mime is the newly founded restaurant in Powai, Mumbai which has People raving  about it Founded in 2015 by Prashant Issar and Anuj Shah, the restaurant as its name suggests hires service personnel  who are hearing and speech impaired . The original concept of the founders was that these people had all the necessary qualities required for such a job, which are focus, intuitiveness and a smile, and that, given an opportunity, they would do a wonderful job.

While their belief was right ,they also knew that  “inclusion”  in itself cannot make a successful enterprise . The cuisine ,the ambience ,the quality of service all seem to feature in the excellent reviews Mirchi & Mime has received . The restaurant has been rated 4.8 /5 on Zomato

It’s not about using the disability as a gimmick, but rather to use their abilities as the foundation for a sustainable and scalable chain of world-class restaurants that can rival the best in the business.

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With image aided menus and sign language guides to ensure effective communication between guest and employee, this establishment exemplarily bridges the gap of silence between the guests and its special service staff .

To book your table or to know more visit : http://mirchiandmime.com/

We at INDIA.INClusive eagerly await for more branches to open