A very special book that pens down the extraordinary journey of some very special People who braved all odds and realised their dreams despite the many difficulties they faced .

Authored by best selling author of Legacy and Leading Ladies, Sudha Menon and V R Ferose the MD of SAP labs India –the book is currently available in a kindle version

The narratives in first person span a young fun loving thirteen year old ,who realised he was losing his sight due to a genetic precondition…yet found his way to completing his MBA from FMS, being employed at Wipro, marrying a girl of his dreams to pursuing his love for adventure sports be it rafting, jumping off cliffs or mountain trekking to the almost unreal spirit of Sunil Desai who despite being confined to his wheelchair for two decades at a young age of 34 –unable to walk or move a body part ,found the inner strength one day to set up “The Care Takers” a now very successful initiative, providing quality caregivers for the elderly, the unwell and the helpless.

Gifted demonstrates how much we can achieve through our spirit and will to go on despite life’s unpredictable challenges.

The stories told will inspire even the most ‘able’ amongst us