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With a stitch, or a weave, a block print or an embellishment-they became a part of a beautiful project: Designiks

Seventeen year old Nikhita Kapur, began her label Designiks with her mother Pooja Kapur last year, to help create new products under her label that could use the skills of people who are mentally and physically challenged thus helping hone their talent and also generate an income for them.
Designiks used the capabilities of specially abled young adults at various NGO vocational centres and outsourced work to them –even re-creating products that the students were skilled at making but with the Designiks style and fabric element added in to create a beautiful range of products.

Some of the items already created by Nikhita and special young autistic adults of the NGO, Om Creations and Mann are large embellished outfit covers in organza and satin , hand painted scarves and stoles, block printed packaging and more.

Labels for Designiks are printed by the printing unit of the Helen Keller Institute of the Deaf and Deafblind.

As additional revenue generators , home linen like table mates, table cloths ,cushion covers ,ornate ‘batuas’.embellished  sarees are some of the products being outsourced for production to NGO’s like Advita and Om Creations, to help create a new, regular and sustainable avenue of income for NGOs working for mentally challenged young adults.

Designiks will continue innovating new products incorporating the skillset of specially abled people to help. empower them to earn and lead a life of inclusion and dignity.

Designiks, in association with IMFPA is also creating new print products using the skillset of artists with no hands who paint with their feet and mouth.

Designiks is a perfect example of incorporating skills, outsourcing work, and innovating to create revenue channels to include organisations and individuals to be a part of a pathbreaking initiative.