Individual Impact


Each and every one of us can play our part in enabling and encouraging a differently abled person become self-reliant.

Sajjid Mitha, the Founder and President of Polymer Update, and his wife Laveena feature in INDIA.INClusive for the several individuals supported by them in a personal capacity be it through technology, monetary support or in a most extraordinary manner as described below.

Sajjid helped impact the ‘everyday’ life of little Prema, in a most remarkable way.


Prema is a barely two foot tall ‘little person’ who was also born with two completely twisted feet and has to walk arduously using a stick to lean on for support . Every day at six pm Prema would begin the long, treacherous walk amidst heavy traffic where the wheels of cars were often larger than her small size, for over an hour, from her office to her home nearly two kilometres away.

She did this for years, to earn a living despite her huge physical disability, until her plight was one day brought to the attention of Sajjid Mitha, a samaritan with a heart of gold, who worked in the same office compound as Prema.

When Sajjid realised no wheel chair or mobility device available could help Prema due to her small size, and also because of the risk that an expensive device like that would probably be stolen from her home- Sajjid decided to find a unique solution –he ensured that there was a cab waiting to take Prema home every working day . To sponsor or pay for a cab fare is one thing , to commit to personally ensuring that it happens every day is another- there was a person designated to help Prema into her cab every day! It’s been several years now and no one has seen Prema struggle and walk down that road from her office to her home at six pm.

Sajjid has been a mentor, friend and a provider to two fellow blind students for over twenty years, since college days. While one sadly  passed away a few years ago, the other is still supported by Sajjid on a monthly basis.

While many people would impact a cause and then move on, Sajjid and Laveena stand apart because they stay committed to causes that they have been passionate about for years.